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Fast Food Rush
Press Kit
Game Name: Fast Food Rush
Release Date Google Play: September 23 2016
Release Date Amazon App Store: October 2 2016
Release Date Apple App Store: October 14 2016
Platforms: iOS, Android (Google Play, Amazon)
Company: Runsome Apps Inc.
Developer: Albert Ransom
Language: English

Press Kit Assets:
(High resolution icon, screen shots, and promo graphics. See below.)

Press Release: TBA
("Press release not yet published, TBA)

Whats New:
Brand new game release.

Price: Free

About Runsome Apps?
Runsome Apps is a one man studio formed by Albert Ransom in 2010 and is most noted for creating CandySwipe® (#2 free game on Amazon App Store, and top 10 casual game on Google Play in 2013), which has more than 150 million game plays across iOS and Android platforms.

Contact: press[at]runsome[dot]com

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Assets in

App Icon 1024x1024
App Icon 1024x1024

App Icon 256x256
App Icon 256x256

Promo Graphic 1024x500
Promo Graphic 1024x500

Screen Shots 1440x2560
Screen Shot    Screen Shot    Screen Shot

Screen Shot    Screen Shot    Screen Shot

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